Thank you so much for visiting my page.  Im excited to have you here & share with you a glimpse into my world & my passions, natural beauty, family life, travel & business. 

My background is a beauty lecturer along with having my own mobile beauty business.  However when we moved  from one end of the UK to the other I was faced with having to start my business all over again. A solid business which collapsed completely when we moved! I had to start building my client base from scratch which doesn't happen overnight.


I quickly realised when the next big family move was on the cards relocating from the UK to the other side of the world to the USA that if our goal of living a life on our terms and being able to regularly travel with our family was going to be possible then I needed a portable business.  

I am a mum to two lively children, Archie & Darcy & we have a passion for family travel. So I LOVE that I have found a business that I can build online, around hectic family life from anywhere in the world!

I'm just an average person with a normal family life with huge dreams & goals but along the way sharing my passion for alternative therapies, my passion for toxic free living, improving family wellbeing & helping other ladies achieve their dreams through their passions too! 

I'm making it happen & you can too! 

Sarah xx

About me...

Welcome to a world of possibilities !

Thank you for your interest in becoming a customer or a leader on my team. 

Imagine a career that becomes a community & doing what you love leads naturally to success.   For our members a dream job offering security & independence can become a reality.

With dedicated support from Doterra, your team & an industry leading compensation plan, you can take control of your future by building a thriving business.  You'll have the entire Doterra family by your side to encourage you, every step of the way.

The incredible quality of the products, values, integrity and commitment from our corporate team absolutely blew me away. I am growing my business through a mix of social media & offline classes & I knew that if it can work for me it could work for others too.  It allows me to help people find more natural solutions & or building a business. 

If you decide to become a customer of our incredible products, you will be well looked after.


If you decide to build a business I will be giving you the tools I am using.  We have simple systems in place that deliver proven success in many areas online or offline.  When you decide to start your journey with me you will get immediate access to all of our exclusive training tools. Oh and don't worry about feeling overwhelmed, its normal! ​

With work and commitment ANYTHING is possible!