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Holistic Face Lift

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My Story 

Now that I am fast approaching 40yrs I knew I needed a little more help  alongside my professional anti aging skincare regime. As the stresses of everyday life leave their mark on my face , its time to make my personal wellbeing a priority.  

Natural skincare has always been my passion and area of expertise so I wanted to explore more natural anti aging alternatives. That's when I discovered Facial Yoga. 


I researched and tried many different facial yoga methods and discovered Danielle Collins. After feeling the power of facial yoga immediately and then starting to see the results on my forehead I was hooked. I knew this was something I needed to incorporate into my skincare régime and share with my clients


I decided to qualify as a Danielle Collins Facial Yoga Teacher to share this incredible tool for life.

So, here I am talking to YOU today about my passion for helping YOU get the most out of you skin and feel more confident with every birthday!

Online Course Details 

Confidence is the best thing you can wear...

My passion for natural, clean skincare lead me down a holistic path of facial yoga. 

From my professional skincare background I knew youthfulness depended on 3 factors: 

* Skin Wellbeing - Managing the skin from within

* Natural Products your skin can recognize 

* Exercise  - Facial Yoga 

Adding facial yoga into my professional skincare regime has given me confidence approaching into my 40's. It is never too late or too early to start your holistic face lift journey. 

So... What is Facial Yoga? 

A natural way of looking and feeling younger using focused and controlled isometric exercises. Accompanied with massage techniques, acupressure , relaxation education (Natural Botox) and skin wellbeing knowledge. All of these 5 factors work together in union to promote youthfulness.  Facial yoga is gentle yet highly effective practice that reduces stress, firms and increases tone in face and neck area and can help the overall health and appearance of skin. The full Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method is a 20 minute routine made up of upper and lower face exercises.

What do you do in a Online Facial Yoga Workshop/Course?

I hold one to one or group sessions via ZOOM. These sessions are designed to be interactive for you to get the best hands on experience however there is no pressure to do so, cameras off if you wish. 

First session focuses on energy breathing, relaxation and educates you through the 10 minute upper facial routine which involves facial exercises, massage and acupressure techniques  developed by Danielle Collins world leading facial yoga expert. Second session focuses on Ha Breathing and educates you through the 10 minute lower facial routine.  Final session I educate you on the missing piece of the puzzle, Skin Wellbeing. Managing your skin from within along with a professional skincare regime focusing on natural alternatives with a LIVE Q&A opportunity. 

What makes my Holistic Face Lift Course stand out from the crowd? 

Firstly I trained with Danielle Collins a World Leading Facial Yoga Expert. Secondly I am a qualified UK beauty lecturer with expertise's in skincare and 15yrs industry experience. Within the course I add a Skin Wellbeing unit to educate you on managing your skin from within and guide you through a professional skincare regime to maximize your results. 

Looking forward to welcoming you to the Facial Yoga Family. 

Sarah - Jane 


Relax, Lift, Tone & Renew

Session 1 - Upper Routine

Session 2 - Lower Routine

Session 3 - Skin Wellbeing 

3 sessions once a week held over 3 weeks via ZOOM. 

2 x 45 min sessions

1 x 1hr session 


Enrolling Now

Current course days & times:

Thursday 8.15pm UK / 1.15pm USA MT

Sunday 6pm UK / 11am USA MT

Enrolment Dates:

Thursday 11th March (18th  & 25th)

Thursday 8th April (15th & 22nd)

Sunday 11th April (18th & 25th)

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